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from the heavens comes the light

There seem to be many definitions of a "God Shot". From the perfect Espresso shot to a once in a lifetime shot in a game to a profound message or circumstance. I live on what I believe is a spiritual path doing my best to keep connected to my Higher Power every day. I've experienced many a God Shot since moving to a more spiritual lifestyle.They come as what some say are coincidences, messages from others or sometimes an intuitive thought that had a great impact on me. Here at God Shots 360 you will read about many different types of God Shot experiences. Hopefully you will find something here to share with others and at the same time consider sharing your own experiences in receiving messages from Him.

Who Is Mary Margaret Holywater?

mary margaret god shots pastorSo you might ask how this name came into existence.  It began as a “barbed” joke due to my continual attitude of knowing everything as well as acting slightly better than others. I never would have said those things about me…but I guess we are always the last to see the real us! There was one particular day when I was in a meeting, hands folded, listening intently to the speaker, and giving off side glances to a man that was playing around on his cell phone.  Obviously, my actions did not give him the warm fuzzies. When he looked at me and said “quit acting like Mary Margaret Holywater” and contorted his face in such a way to achieve the look of superiority it stung slightly.
Although I laughed it off this possibly was no laughing matter.  I had a moment of clarity in realizing that maybe….just maybe…. I acted entitled and better than. Was that really who I wanted to be?  The answer was no; I truly wanted to be of service to folks and be kind and humble.  The name stuck and I have learned to embrace it and remember to be humble and kind when I hear it.



Seashells Message from God

I laid the shells on the beach and snapped a picture of them. Within the twinkling of an eye I felt that I was transported somewhere. I knew I was still physically on the beach. I knew who I was, and where I was, but it was like my spirit had gone somewhere. I just started to cry without reservation. I could not say thank you enough, I love you enough. I knew that God had just presented me with answers to everything.

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The Golden Aura

I saw something gold around the priest; it appeared like as a cloud of some sort. At the same time “energy currents” or colors were crisscrossing through the audience. I shifted my position, moved my head to a different angle, squinted my eyes a couple of times. The gold cloud remained around the priest and the energy kept moving.

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Alone in Bed When Miracle Happens

It's amazing how often hour Heavenly Father works when we aren't looking and certain don't expect it. The story of this little girl's miraculous recovery shows that God's Grace is truly a gift. I was told once by a woman whom I truly respected and looked up to for guidance that "God not leave you comfortless". The proof is in this story...

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Just In Time

One day while pacing around the apartment, I felt something like a silent scream welling up inside of me. When I finally let it out I heard myself say, “I need a band!” It was a bone-deep plea, a cry to something unseen and unnamed. More restless than ever, I couldn’t bear to stay home, so I threw on a coat and walked to Telegraph Avenue at the end of my block, intending to hitchhike to Sproul Plaza at the University of California a few miles away. Before I got there, though, I was disappointed to see two scruffy characters already standing there with their thumbs out. Great, I thought, I’ll never get a ride now.

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