My grand-daughter and I had taken a trip to Costco and we had a wonderful day.  It was a special Monday…. just Mia and me spending time together and chatting.

We shopped, talked with the sales folks in the store, and the ultimate finishing touch was getting pizza.  She just loves the pizza at Costco… so what a treat. As we were eating she was looking at the screen saver on my phone (see picture).  The inquisitive mind of a three year old asking; (1) why do you have a lion on your phone?  (2) Why is there a lamb? (3) How about the bird, Gaga?  I was doing my best to try to explain the Lion of Judah, Lamb of God, and the Holy Spirit, but, it just didn’t seem to be resonating with her.

As we were driving home the questions were continuing and I asked if she would like to stop in at the church.  I told her there would be no other people there and we could talk a little to God privately and maybe he could help answer her questions.  She beamed from ear to ear and said “Yes, Gaga, let’s go to the church”.

We walked into the quiet, still, darkness of the church and walked toward the altar.  I knelt down and made prayer hands and she followed suit.  I was looking at her and said “now you can pray and talk with God and ask him anything”.  She looked up at the cross, with hands folded, and said “God, I want to see the Lion”.  My eyes got large, I looked at the cross and silently said, “Well not sure how you’re going to accomplish this one, but hope you got something”.  Then I just smiled at Mia and said let’s look at some of the statues.  So we looked at the Blessed Virgin, Saint Joseph, and back to the Jesus.

As we stood up to leave the God Shot happened!  She said “There it is Gaga… there is the Lion”. She was so excited and I looked at her in disbelief and said “where”?  She pointed to the stained glass window and sure enough there was the Lion in the stained glass.  I have been a member of this parish for over 25 years and never saw the Lion before.  It was amazing and she was so happy that God had showed her the Lion!  I believe without a doubt what Mathew 21:22 says “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

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