Hello and welcome to God Shots 360. My name is Mary Margaret and I will be your guide for today as we talk about this new and innovative website.

Let’s start with a little background on Mary Margaret. First and foremost, that is my pseudo-name, which was given to me years ago and seems to be quite appropriate. There will be a “story” that you will be able to read that will allow you to understand the humbling experience that elicited that name. I am a mother and grandmother and try to be a friend among friends!  I am a doctoral prepared Nurse Practitioner and my Capstone project revolved around the thought provoking, sometimes controversial topic of “spirituality”. I believe that spirituality is experiential, existential, and touches each human being, as we are comprised of body, mind, and spirit. I am an assistant professor who teaches Master prepared nursing students and I have a passion for addictions. .  To keep all of those balls in play…I am an avid weight lifter and enjoy the gym immensely.  Energy begets energy!   I hold a license as a local pastor and I attend Catholic Mass. I truly believe all paths lead to Power of the Universe, whom I choose to call God!  Confused yet? LOL.  You are not alone.

I thoroughly believe that all of us get our pieces as we walk this journey called “life”.  About 20 years ago, I awoke one morning to this thought “you will create God Shots”.  I had no idea what that meant and certainly did not have any concept of what a “God shot” might be. Therefore, as any person would probably do, I tucked it away in a drawer without another thought about this.

On February 13, 2017, I experience the culminating event that led me to the point to begin the design and construction of this website. You will find this story about the “Seashells on the Beach”.  These were no ordinary seashells.  They were colorful, with messages on them.  I knew without a doubt that God had answered my prayers from earlier that morning with these messages.  Very simple messages:   “Release the fear”, “you are enough”, “love fiercely”.  That my friend is a God Shot.  It was not an accident, it was not planned, and it was not normal!

The vision and desire to open this type of dialog up around the globe became very strong.  I also believe the time has never been more right for all of us to start sharing our stories.  I know without a shadow of doubt that I am not unique… if I am getting “messages” so is others.  I want to celebrate that and spread the Universal messages around the world. This is a created platform where people can unite and share, where they can draw experience, strength, and hope.

My greatest wish is that through the miracle of technology this website will offer people of all races, nationalities, cultures, and beliefs the opportunity to come together and share their “God Shots”, their moments of realization that there was something greater, something miraculous at work in their life.  There is power in numbers and I am excited to watch as that power is released in to the Universe!

May everyone that enters here be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!