As a Nurse Practitioner (science) and a Minister (theology) the aforementioned question has baffled me for some time. Always the lurking questions and limited answers.  The following article sheds some very compelling light on this murky situation.  This article is a “God Shot” to show us the power of prayer and how it is central to our being.


Quantum Physics and the Power of Prayer

By John D. McCracken

The Title of this article – discussion – is designed to associate science with spirituality.  If that sounds somewhat crazy, believe me, it’s not.  A man I know caused me to think of this topic.  He identifies himself as an atheist.  What does that mean for him?  Well, he doesn’t believe in prayer.  In his words: “Since I don’t believe in God, prayer would be hypocritical of me.”  At some core level, for some, that makes sense.  Since those discussions on prayer with my atheist friend, I have found some new and interesting scientific information.

Quantum Physics, what is it?

Quantum Physics is the study of the smallest particles that make up the world of matter that forms us and the world round us. Years ago, when I was in school, we learned that the atom was the smallest element of matter. Electrons spun around a nucleus. It looked like a tiny solar system.

Einstein tried to use his Theory of Relativity to explain what was going on with these tiny solar systems. His theory just did not work for the atom. So if all this seems confusing and like, “I don’t’ understand any of it,” you are in good company.

Here is the reality of atoms. They don’t’ look anything like little well-ordered solar systems. They are a jumble of particles in constant movement. Electrons do not move in orbits like planets. They swirl around the nucleus in fields, much like magnetic or electrical fields. The nucleus is not the smallest part of matter. It is broken down into a Proton and a Neutron. They are further broken down into quarks, gluons, and bozons. All these particles are buzzing around inside the atom in their own fields. Adding to the confusion of all this, a particle can behave as a wave or a particle. Therefore, an atom actually looks like a cloudy ball. That’s the basics.

Here is what is important. The particles spinning in and around an atom are the building blocks of everything. These are the essence of the world we see, the tapestry of life. In addition, our minds have the power to affect them. I would not say that without proof.

There is a famous Quantum Physics experiment called Double Slit Experiment. It involves a photon or electron projection device, a barrier with two slits and on the other side of that a back drop of dark photographic paper. Without getting too technical or over explaining it, the projection device fires particles at the slits in the barrier. The particles make light impressions on the dark photographic paper.

When the experiment is done blind – that’s no means of measurement or observation – the particles act like waves. The result: there are several bight lines on the dark photographic paper. The two centerlines directly in front of the slits are the lightest and thickest with lines to the left and right of the centerlines of decreasing thickness and brightness.

So, the obvious assumption is particles act like waves. In reality, that’s true only if unobserved. What does that mean?  If a measuring device is introduced, a method of observing the experiment, we have a different result.  The particle acts like a particle. Two light, thick bars corresponding with the slits appear on the dark photographic paper. Observation alters the behavior of the particles. How? Why? No one really knows. However, as ridiculous as these sounds, it’s as if these particles can think and are aware someone is observing them.

Scientists are a curious lot. It was only a matter of time before they came up with a new twist to the Double Slit Experiment. If observation alters the experiment, could the human mind alter the experiment?

There is a video, which explains everything in detail – and I mean “great detail.”. I’ll offer a brief explanation of the experiment and the basic results. They did a blind Double Slit Experiment with a subject in the room. The subject was asked to meditate on the particles during the experiment. Because it was a blind test, the particles behaved as waves. However, meditation altered the results of the experiment. The person, through meditating on the particles, altered the brightness of the lines. The video explains the results.

Facilitators questioned the validity because the subject was physically close to the experiment. Could proximity alter the results? They moved the subject to another room to meditate. Again, meditation altered the results. But what if the meditator was still too close?

Scientists decide to enlist people across the country through the internet. Over the course of three years, this experiment was conducted thousands of times with people as far away as thousands of miles from the physical location of the experiment. Results? Meditators altered the results of the experiment. Our minds, through meditation, can alter the behavior of the smallest building blocks of our reality.

Meditation and prayer are related activities. In meditation, we clear our minds and focus on serenity. In prayer, we clear our minds and focus on the resolution of a problem.

I pray with a Divine Power in mind, a Power greater than myself. Does that mean a belief in a Higher Power is necessary for prayer to work? No. However, believe in a Higher Power or not, there is solace in prayer.

My personal experience has shown that prayer can bring peace and resolution to my problems. Possibly a reader who has scorned prayer as a waste of time, and like my friend has a problem which seems insurmountable. I would counsel them to try prayer. The worst that could happen is it doesn’t work. And, of course, the best that could happen is it works.

Science proves we have influence on the particles, the building blocks of the animated tapestry we experience as call reality.

Scientists have recently theorized that consciousness existed before to Big Bang and possibly inspired it. And that consciousness still permeates the physical world we live in. Those are the musings of scientist, not mine.

Regardless of where a person wishes to stand on this God issue – for – against – embracing Him – resentfully rejecting His help – it has been scientifically proven that we can have an impact on our reality with our minds through meditation or prayer.

No one actually understands what these particles are doing or how they do it. The point is there are forces beyond our senses that we can tap into. To just reject prayer because we have an old resentment toward religion or a God figure is to punish ourselves. The Universe has given us power we may not understand but we can tap into it for our own happiness. Misery is an optional.

I look forward to any comments regarding this article.

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