Apparition on Mt. Podbrdo (Apparition Hill) in Medjugorje

Apparition of Mary on Mt. Podbrdo (Apparition Hill) in Medjugorje

It was 2013 and I was in church praying about “Mary” and her role with the church.  I was born and raised in the Methodist faith and became Catholic. That did not allow me to have any real understanding of Mary and how she fit into the “religious picture”. I was becoming very curious and in the same time feeling “guilty” regarding talking about Mary.  Was it “in bounds” in “religion” to talk with/about Mary?  Would that be like idolization?  My mind was racing and I just could not seem to understand “truth” no matter how hard I prayed.  However, not knowing what else to do… I just kept praying.

One day as I was in the church kneeling and praying a man walked up to me and handed me a business card. He simply said I am supposed to give you this.  I did not know this man and certainly had no idea what the business card was for.  I politely thanked him and went back to prayer.  As I was leaving the church I looked at the business card and gasped as I noted the God Shot!  It was a business card for “Mary TV”.  Not know what that meant I came home and googled it.

It is a wonderful website that has lots of inspiring stories about the “Blessed Mother”.  It is a TV channel that comes out of Medjugorje. I found this fascinating and continued to read articles posted on Mary TV and watch as Mass was streamed from there daily.  There are apparitions that are noted on this site and I have become acutely aware that Mary plays a major role in our lives.  No, she is not our “Higher Power” but she certainly has a relationship with her Son.

Have you ever had an experience that involved the Blessed Mother?  Have you ever been to Medjugorje? The folks that have been there seem to have lots of “God Shots” when they return. The picture posted with this story comes from the cameras at Mary TV… it is certainly interesting!  I am a work in progress on this topic and would love to hear from you!

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