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Well you never know how or when a God Shot is going to present. That is part of the mystery, I suppose.

Following is a story that was submitted to God Shots which is really a great read. It specifically caught my attention as it was written by someone much younger than myself. I knew that God Shots are happening to folks at every age and I am forever grateful for this young man’s submission. Let’s open the door to all generations!   I thought it was a perfect story to hear during this special time of year.  It certainly shows that “kindness is the key”.  I would even take that a step further and say that we are promised: “Give, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you used, it will be measured to you.” (NIV Luke 6:38)  Let’s read on to hear our friend’s God Shot.


I ordered two pairs of RM Williams on October 27, 2018 from Collier Bristow, each pair was 60% off. I received one pair 2 days after ordering all the way from the UK! I was amazed at the fast shipping.

Fast forward 2 weeks and the other pair for Kalee, my fiancé, have not come in yet. I sent an email to the store, followed by another and another. I eventually started to email him every day asking about the shoes. Joking about stuff saying “I bought these for my fiancé as a birthday present in October.  I hope I can make them a Christmas present if you send them out.” Collier Bristow finally answered me about a week later, 3 weeks into the whole ordering process.

They apologized, took complete blame and stated that the owner has gotten sick and been in the hospital. Then another excuse about the female version being sold out but they have an order placed for this coming week. He ensured me that the shoe would get to me before Christmas.

I still continued to email him every day, for at this point it became kind of fun to annoy him kindly. Collier Bristow would respond maybe once a week saying the same thing, they had no answer for me but ensured that they would be to me by Christmas. I saw in many reviews that a lot of other people were canceling their orders out of frustration. Some of their comments about the cancellation were not nice. All of the cancellations and comments started making me uneasy.

I let them know that through the email that I would consider a charge back through pay pal if I did not receive tracking by December 20, 2018. I did it in a very kind way and was just giving them another alternative if they could not ship the shoes. They sent me a tracking number and on 12/22 and to my surprise   I came home to a 16 pound box that had Kalee’s originally ordered shoes as well as an extra 4 pair! I actually ordered Kalee a wrong size in the UK sizing chart and they sent her two pairs of boots and they fit absolutely perfect. Happy they knew her size!  They also sent me 3 additional pairs of boots for myself! These boots are awesome and they are not cheap!

The note I received regarding this massive shoe delivery was simple.  The man in charge of the store was obviously touched that I had hung in there and kindly waited as he recovered from his illness. This has definitely been a “God Shot” for me.  Things can get very impersonal as we sit behind computer screens and say things we would not say face to face. So…keep being kind….no matter what.  Somehow that kindness pays off…..in my case…….through shoes!!  LOL!

If by chance this message reaches Collier Bristow….Thanks man….Happy New Year!!!

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