My son had proposed to a wonderful girl and I was so happy for him.  As any mother does at the mention of “wedding” we go into “overdrive”.  The venue, the cookies, the attire, the guest list, the caterer and the list goes on. Well, if I have a son…what does that have to do with a wedding dress, you might ask? The girl, who was to become my daughter-in-law, had been beset with the loss of her own mother years before to cancer. She blessed me with the most wonderful gift when she asked me if I would go to look for wedding dresses with her.

We began looking at dresses and honestly she could not look bad in any of them.  However, we noticed one dress that just looked perfect.  She was hesitant to try it on due to the cost of this particular dress.  I insisted that she at least needed to see what it looked like on.  When she appeared, clad in this particular wedding dress, it was like all motion stopped in the boutique.  Tears flooded my eyes as I gazed at my future daughter-in-law. She looked absolutely stunning. As she went to the changing room the woman waiting on us said “I know those tears, it is amazing to see your daughter in a wedding gown.” I explained to the woman that I was her future mother-in-law and that this was bittersweet for me with the absence of her mother. When she reemerged I I told her without hesitation, “this is the dress”! She balked due to the cost, however, I insisted that she get this dress and I would help her with the payment. So it went.

We scheduled our next appointment to go back for second alterations.  It was during that second appointment that the God Shot happened!  We were having lunch near the boutique prior to that appointment when she pulled out an envelope.  I looked inside and there was a check for the exact amount of the wedding dress.  It appeared that years earlier her mother had opened an account at a bank for her which no one knew about.  After so much time had passed the bank closed the account and sent her the monies.  Do you find that a “coincidence”?  In my opinion it goes way beyond that!!  I look at the blessing of her mother buying her only daughter her wedding dress! Even though she was not “physically” present, I believe that she was with her daughter every moment of her “big day”!

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