It was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride.  The sky was blue, the clouds were floating by, and the temperature was hovering around 78. I was a passenger on the back of a Harley.  As we zipped through the turns and enjoyed the wind in our faces we hadn’t a care in the world.  That was until we rounded a blind curve onto a straight stretch.

As I looked ahead, off in the distance I could see three cars in the other lane headed our direction.  At first it didn’t faze me as there was plenty of time for the car to pass one car and pull back into the line of traffic.  Then the unthinkable started to occur as the passing vehicle did not pull back into the line of traffic but kept coming… our lane!  Traveling at approximately 50 miles per hour does no give a lot of time to make decisions.

I felt the driver tense up and fear cursed through my body.  A quick second lending thoughts to my family and friends and a really fast prayer for protection. I held on tight put my head down against his back as I felt the wind from the car passing by my leg.  Then it was over.

I opened my eyes as we slowed to a stop.  I felt like I was not breathing as I tried to take in everything that had just happened. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thanked God for being there.

I realized at that moment I had experienced not one but two God Shots.  One was the absolute knowing that driving sober led to the ability to think clearly in a harrowing situation and there is room to live on the white line!

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