I am a member of the “God Squad”. That was a quirky name I gave to the group of women that fellowship together in a prayer group twice a month. We get together and discuss scripture, read the Bible, and pray for folks. It was the first thing I did as I started getting back into some form of spiritual fellowship. Please don’t get me wrong…I believe in a Higher Power, in Divine Energy, and Love. I had quit going to “church”, however, as I felt that organized religion did not fulfill my needs. On a particular evening the group was doing a field trip to Catholic Church in Wintersville, Ohio that was offering a unique speaker. He was Father Donald H.Calloway who was a priest with a phenomenal conversion story. He has a unique story which he captured from a 21st century point of view in his book titled “Under the Mantle – ”.

That evening I stepped into church after a long absence and felt somewhat awkward and comfortable at the same time. I was sitting with my group and just taking it all in and then I saw something gold around the priest; it appeared like as a cloud of some sort. At the same time “energy currents” or colors were crisscrossing through the audience. I shifted my position, moved my head to a different angle, squinted my eyes a couple of times. The gold cloud remained around the priest and the energy kept moving. I was now looking at my friends to see if they were noticing this and it appeared that nothing was out of the ordinary from their view. I just remained quiet because I was not even sure what to say. I was questioning if I was making this up. It remained for a period of time, long enough for me to realize I had experienced something unique.

I shared my experience with my prayer partners and received information from the “veteran” woman that this was an aura. I then began to research light, aura, energy; this had definitely been a moment of epiphany for me. I realized that I had encountered the Divine. I never knew this could happen to an ordinary person like me. I know now that this spiritual journey is personal and God will meet you where you are. Even if you are not a “church goer” or “religious fanatic” these experiences happen. What does it all mean? Not sure….but I know that this “God Shot” happened in my life. Has anyone else ever saw an aura? Would love to hear from you!

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