I think some of the things that I wonder about most are “am I doing the right thing”?  “Is this God’s will for me?” “Does the Universe hear me?”  The questions continue to come and I continue to do the best I can at praying, meditating, conversing, or whatever word you choose to use to find the answers.

It was during an hour long meditation the other day that I really focused on these questions. It was easy to allow quiet to abound as I was sitting in total silence.  About two hours later I opened my inbox to the following emailed information.  I read this document and thought “wow” this is an answer to all the questions I was asking. That sure is a coincidence. Then I just laughed as I said “Nope….no coincidence… that is a ‘God Incidence’”.

For all of you out there that share with me in the non-stop flow of thoughts, questions galore and desperately seek answers, I hope you will take a look at the following read.  It is a formula to help us get guidance in quiet time.

Below is the what I received in the email. Some really good guidance here.

The Quiet Time

PRAYER – Emphasizes petition
SILENCE – Emphasizes realization
QUIET TIME – Emphasizes listening

THE most difficult thing in the world is to listen — but (it is) the most productive. The Quiet Time emphasizes all of the elements — petition, realization and listening.

The Quiet Time has a genius of its own — it brings us to a closer relationship with God within ourselves … It is a consequence of surrender — if we surrender our own will, … we instinctively listen for (God’s Will). And we cannot get (God’s) guidance until we surrender our own. Life is very complex. Someone has said “Life is very easy until we begin to live it.” We need much guidance — God (provides) it for us in the Quiet Time. As we nee much guidance, we need much (time to listen). Our guidance will be in proportion to the length of time and purity of our (time alone with God).


1. Assume a comfortable position.
2. Enter with an attitude of real expectancy.
3. Insist that the revealing shall come.
4. Maintain an attitude or reverence, love and humility.

The secret of an enlarged and surer guidance lies in obeying all guidance that you get. How to distinguish between the thoughts that come from personal desire, or the lesser self, and those that are from God — pass each one through the four-fold test of the Four Standards.

God can never guide you to do anything that is not Honest, Pure, Unselfish, and Loving. It is a very great help to keep the Quiet Time with others in addition to our own Quiet Time and then check our guidance with them.

When we get “quiet” through prayer or meditation we open the possibility to get Universe messages. We cannot hear the “still small voice” when we are “too busy”. I learned that during the prayer hour…..then immediately following received this information on “how to” quiet the mind.

Amazing that after 2 hours of seeking guidance through meditation I got the email with specific instructions for listening for guidance.

Try it!!  Would love to know your thoughts!

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