It all began the summer of 2010. I worked for Hancock County Schools in Weirton, WV, and was off during the summer months. I thought what better way to get in shape, then to go and walk on the high school track. So I would get up early carrying my new iPod filled with songs that my son’s friend uploaded. One morning a song I never heard came on. I couldn’t imagine Kolby actually loading it. The title was Never Alone written by Jim Brickmen and sung by Lady Antelbleum. It touched my heart and more important my spirit.

I suddenly thought of a young man named Nathan, who graduated with my daughter Bianca. Different things happened in his life after graduation and that’s when he was introduced to drugs. The path he was on lead to his overdose on heroin. Great family and a very sweet young man now gone. Why was God having me think of that situation? Where was it leading me? My thoughts walking on the track could become my prayer time.

So it began that day and as the week progressed, the words Never Alone were formed and supporting a drug free community. It was no coincidence when I went home, that WTOV News 9 had a special about “Heroin Addiction in our Communities”! I was in shock; I knew God was speaking and after that, I called those coincidences, “God Winks”. J He certainly is full of surprises. God persuaded me to call WTOV News 9.

When I called, I asked the manager who put the segment on heroin together. He told me Healthways and gave me their number. To make a long story short, I talked to the CEO about the idea of sponsoring a walk in support of a drug free community. She really liked the idea and asked me to meet with her. I explained the story and God’s influence with this idea. Thoughts were to have a walk and I would donate the money to some place helping with drug rehab. She asked me to put together a committee and organize the event.

I went home, called friends, and reached out to the community on Facebook. To my surprise, we had our first meeting at Healthways and over 30 people attended eager to help. God Winks we’re flying everywhere! The city allowed us to walk on Main Street and we had a police escort. It was supposed to thunderstorm but the sun came out and to the communities amazement over 400 came to support and walk with us.

I was thinking we might make a $1,000, give it away and that would be the end of it. God had other ideas! We made over $14,000 and He wanted a support group. Yet this group was to consist of not only those addicted, but also their families and people in the community. The Lord helped us with getting our 501c3 to become a non-profit organization and the rest is history!

Our support group, which is a night of praying for those addicted and each of our families and community, would meet once a week in Weirton and some members branched out to form one in New Cumberland, WV. I still believe when the Lord shared what our logo was to look like, he wants to expand Never Alone to our joining states Ohio and Pennsylvania. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it’s in His plan. The logo is our hands reaching up and the Lord’s reaching down to comfort us. Can’t we all rejoice knowing that we are Never Alone with Christ? He’s got the whole world in His hands.

If you need help with struggling with addiction, contact Never Alone West Virginia on Facebook.

Blessings to all of you!




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