It all began in 2000 with drinking booze left in the bottoms of other people’s glasses. It seemed innocent enough at the time. Little did he know that by 2006 he would be in the back of a police cruiser headed to the juvenile detention center. It was the beginning of the nightmare that ensued for the next six years as the lessons got harder.

When he landed in “juvie” he was seventeen years old.  He had been running with the “party” crowd and running hard. When he was released from the center about 2 months after the ordeal began….off to the treatment center he went.  It seemed like the perfect solution to enable him to have his record expunged and leave this chapter behind him when he turned 18.

Unfortunately, his choices created a different scenario.  When he began selling drugs the money also became addictive.  This led him into a deeper and darker path until his final arrest landed him in the “big house” and attached were quite a few felonies. He was angry!  He remained unteachable for a reasonable amount of time.

God allowed him to remain in the safety net of that prison for the next 35 months.  Slowly but surely during that time he was changing.  He began working out and with each pull up he did, he was also pulling his self-esteem out of the mired muck.

When his release date finally came he was free… free to do what… free to make choices… again.  That is when the God Shot occurred.  He chose to walk through the fear and apply for college.  He did not have much hope with all of the felonies he would have to talk about.  However, in some mysterious way, which I choose to call God he was accepted to Temple University.  From that day forward he has applied his lessons to everyday life.  Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Doctorate in life.

I hope by reading this story that you know there is hope! Have you ever faced issues brought on by drugs and alcohol?  Are you living in fear of being found out?  You have choices… please feel free to comment!

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