I am not really savvy with my cell phone, believe it or not. I pretty much use the phone to make calls and substitute for a camera. LOL! However, I did learn that there are many features that are quite innovative on cell phones. One is adding multiple callers into a conversation and that’s exactly where this God Shot stemmed from.

I decided to try to create a website for “God Shots”. These “coincidences” that I have, and so many others have, could be shared. This experience of sharing could open dialog around the world. I really knew very little about website creation so where to start was the nagging question. I started talking to my friend about this possible venture and he suggested that we do a three way call with a friend of his that did know how to create websites. As we chatted the website guru was not too interested in my “idea”. He was retired, lived on a island far away, was enjoying diving and relaxing, and not real keen on working again. After a little while however, I reconnected with him this time he thought maybe this might be a good idea to try.

I had been praying and obviously the “creative principle” behind all thoughts saw fit for us to give this website a try. I find multiple Universe nudges when I think about the inception of this site. One of the biggest, is the first… an unexpected 3 way call that gave me a huge message from the One who hears all!

Have you ever had an unexpected call that has brought a “God shot” into your day?

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