Most of us old enough to remember 9/11 remember the song by Alan Jackson.  I will never forget each minute of that day nor the days and weeks that followed.  I worked as a Nurse Practitioner in a primary care clinic for graduate students. As I was walking through the lobby, I saw a crowd around our television as the first tower went down…horrified to continue to watch the traumatic events that followed.  One of our physicians who was an agnostic was not present in the clinic.  I was quickly informed that her son, a bright 25-year-old who worked in the first tower had called his Mom to assure her that it appeared to be “just a shrapnel bomb” and he was going to proceed to work.  I knew his Mother very well: triple board certified, strong, independent woman whose confidence and intelligence pushed me to be the best that I could be professionally.  His Mother said that she had this intuition, a Mother’s intuition to firmly tell him to get away from that tower.  Later as we spoke, she said that she had never been so firm with him before, but something didn’t seem right.  24 hours went by and we did not hear from our colleague nor did we know if her son was alive or dead.

Finally, we received a call from our colleague.  Her son said that there was “something” in her voice and an overall sensation that pulled him away from the tower and he took the ferry home, safe and sound.  Had he ignored all of these signals his chance of survival would have been very slim as his office was on one of the highest floors.

I know my colleague very well and Nothing rattles her.  Did the Lord speak through her to catch his attention?  Was that “strange” sensation that overwhelmed her son actually the Lord gently guiding him away from danger?  My colleague, the former agnostic, will tell you that it was The Grace of God that saved her son.

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