My friend Sharon has been kind enough to contribute these thoughts for all to enjoy. Thank you so much Sharon.Shared Thoughts useful in medication

Shared Thought by Sharon Ann

Did you ever notice the halo surrounding the heads of Jesus, saints, and angels in Christian art? Could it be a reminder for us: “To be saintly we must guard our minds?”

An awakening: I knelt before God asking Him to entice my heart to pray with a deeper more loving spirit. He said, “Restore a right relationship with me first—prayer will follow.”

Lord upon the cross you said, “I thirst.” We gave you a sponge dipped in vinegar and gull.
We say, “I thirst,” and you say, “Come to the living waters.”
We hurt you—You bless us.

When praying about-facing problems I felt the Lord respond, “There are many troubles around you, but none are too great for my will. Take each day….grasp it. Grasp it! For each day is a gift from me regardless of its contents.”

Silence in prayer is golden. Silence in prayer is not empty. Silence in prayer is filled with God’s presence.

When we offer God our sufferings, He receives them as if they were golden. Our pains, our bruises, our broken hearts, given to him, are not ugly, but are something more beautiful that we can imagine.

sharon shares her messages and meditations for all.

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