Do colors matter?  Honestly, I am not sure I ever really thought of that question before.  However, a recent experience has left me believing that it does matter….and maybe more than we can even imagine.

If you take a look at the Seashells God Shot story, which is the reason for the inception of this website you will see three seashells; two blue and one pink. I found those shells in February 2017 and the most outstanding feature to me upon finding them was the wording.  I am still baffled that I found these “miracle shells” on the beach.  Albeit amazing that they were brightly colored; I never gave it much more thought.  Well, until January 8, 2019.

As I was telling the “seashell” story to a clerk in a gift shop she listened intently. After hearing the story she looked directly at me and asked “what do you think about the colors of the shells”?  I stood there and stared at her for a few seconds and then just said “well, I guess I never did think much about the colors, why?”  I recognized at that point that it was the unique colors that caught my eye in the first place, but, it still did not dawn on me that the meaning of those colors could be deeper.

Then she proceeded to say “so, you have two blue and one pink” and I have a suggestion regarding the color.  She then said “come with me” and she whisked me off to the figurine section.  She pointed to the statues of Mary the Blessed Mother on the shelf.  What colors do you see?  I looked and was astonished to find that I saw pink, blue, and white.

As I pondered those statues the GOD SHOT came as she said to me “Possibly the Blessed Mother is trying to talk with you.  Maybe you should spend some quiet time with “Our Lady” and see what she wants to tell you”.  More customers had walked into the store and as the clerk went to walk away I glanced quickly at her name tag to say thank you.  I was in shock as I looked and found her name to be Meri.

Coincidence?  Do colors matter?  I am very limited on the topic of colors related to spiritual, healing, symbolisms and the like.  For those of you that have experiences in this area I would love to hear from you!

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