God's Message delivered through wig salanThere were 5 of us girls there to support our sister in Christ. Three of us arrived prior to Cindy and were told by the professional who would be assisting her,  that the room was very small and we could not be with her as there was not enough room. That was a fact.  However,  I explained to the “wig specialist” that this was not about a “wig”.  This was about a friend, this was about support, this was about life.  As I told her….she was healthy and then handed a horrific diagnosis.  This was about us being there for her in this time of absolute distress.  We all ended up in the small area over flowing into the hallway.  When the facebook post shown below was brought to my attention….there was the GOD SHOT!!  Not only did my friend Cindy rock the wig…..the specialist had actually been part of  the miracle of support and love.  See below for the very special moment as viewed from the professional’s opinion.  The wig specialist  was amazing… by the way!!

by God's grace wigs help with cancer patient

Kilee’s FB Post – This beautiful lady right here was such an inspiration to me today! After almost 19 years in the hair industry I can honestly say that I have never seen such a support group. When someone is hit with that ugly word “cancer” their whole world just stops. But when you are surrounded by such an amazing group of friends/family you quickly realize that you are not alone! Cindy has shown us that through this journey she is still able to smile and she is ready to kick cancer’s butt!





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