In 2017 my friend Tracy received the phone call that all parents fear getting….her daughter had been involved in a serious automobile accident. The accident occurred about four hours from home and Tracy was frantically grabbing car keys and money to get on the road.  Her daughter, Taylor, who was 18 was taken to a local hospital and due to the nature of the trauma was going to need to be taken by life-flight to a larger hospital. She had hit black ice and lost control of the SUV and rolled multiple times until the vehicle finally stopped.  She had injured her back and they were not sure of the severity of the situation.  Would she be able to walk again?  Was there also head trauma?  So many questions were swirling and people started praying.

Eventually Taylor was sent home with a back brace that she would need to wear for quite some time.  She needed to see specialists in her own area as she was brought back home.  Upon her arrival back to her hometown lots of folks were stopping by with food, cards, and general well wishes.

When something like that happens it leaves the parents in a state of shock and fear.  Lots of prayers were being said for the family and with the family.  We all kept telling the family…God is here…. God’s got this…..this was miracle….etc. As the young girl laid in bed she just talked about how frightened she was and how she just didn’t want to be alone. Her family and friends and her faithful dog stayed by her side day and night.

One night around midnight her mom went to check on her to make sure she was OK.  She was absolutely in shock by what she saw.  She immediately took a picture and then started calling and texting people…I have to admit….this was an amazing “God Shot”.  Taylor was certainly not alone….take a close look at the picture between Taylor’s hand and the dog. She was not left alone….what a gift!  God promises us in Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you; never will I forsake you” (NIV). Today, by God’s grace, Taylor is healed completely with no residual effects.

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