It was the summer of 1969 and I was the ripe old age of ten!  Obviously just a child doing the things that children do.  My brother was eight and we spent a lot of time together doing things.  We rode mini-bikes, played in the park, played hide and seek, went camping and the list could go on.  Times were simpler then and we truly just played and enjoyed being.

Our father was a mill worker and our mother was a homemaker.  We did not have lots of money but we had all that we needed.  One thing that seemed to happen each year was some sort of vacation.  We had a camper and we usually had one family trip each summer.  We really anticipated those times with lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

The summer of 1969 we headed off to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for our little camping trip.  Back then it was a two day trip for us to get there.  So the afternoon that we pulled into the campground we were just so full of energy and ready to explore.  As my mom and dad were leveling the camper and setting up for the next few days of vacation, my brother and I wanted to swim.  They told us we could go and off we went.

We were having so much fun!  In the pool…out of the pool.  On the diving board….diving…flipping….and sometimes belly smacking!  I don’t know how long we continued to play but we were getting tired.  I remember sitting on the edge of the pool and my brother continued jumping in and out of the pool. Then I noticed him sitting on the bottom of the pool.

Something intuitively told me that “he is drowning”.  I jumped into the deep end and made it to the bottom.  Somehow I was able to pull him back to the top and then push him up on the edge of the pool. He wasn’t breathing…I was screaming for help….there was no one around.  I started hitting him in the back as he laid half in the pool and half out.  Suddenly, water came gushing out of his mouth and he began violently coughing. It took a few minutes for him to calm down and be able to hoist himself out of the pool.

We sat silently for a couple of minutes and then he said “you just saved my life, I was drowning”. We walked together back to the campsite and shared with our parents what had happened at the pool.  I know they heard us…but I don’t think that it really registered.  However, to this day almost 50 years later, we know.  My brother and I are pretty sure that we had a “God shot” when God gave that 10 year old little girl that intuitive thought that had in incredible impact on their lives.

If this story brings back memories to you regarding intuitive thoughts and experiences that you have had, please feel free to share.

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