As I was driving toward my destination, I crested a hill and was met by an array of emergency vehicle lights and sounds. Realizing almost instantaneously, whatever I was looking at was a terrible accident. Sure enough as I crept closer to the scene, I realized that this had been a fatal accident. I stared at the scene and began to wonder what had happened, how could this happen, how many were involved? I believe I was thinking the same thoughts that most people have when they wonder upon a horrific scene involving injury and death.

I heard on the news that evening that in fact a 19 year old had been fatally injured in that crash. I couldn’t quit thinking about that scene and the fear, panic, and absolute heartache that the family must be experiencing.

The next morning I went to church and prayed for the soul of that person as well as the family and friends that were “left behind”. The pain, despair, and heartache I felt for these folks were overwhelming to me. As I sat in silence and meditated about this intense sadness I was feeling for total strangers I had the following revelation.

It was as if I was being compelled by the Universe to pray for this situation. I heard the word “empathy” so I looked it up. Empathy means “the ability to share and understand the feelings of another” as defined by Webster dictionary. An empath is someone highly sensitive to what others around them are feeling. The signs of an empath are (1) being highly intuitive (2) naturally helpful (3) highly observant (4) naturally sensitive (5) compassionate. I realized after reading these traits that I certainly have all of them. However, in past issues I had assumed I was being too emotional, too involved, and taking the weight of the world on my shoulders.

In this instance, I saw clearly the God Shot; that the empath personality I possess is needed by the Universe to pray for the family and friends of this victim. The first responders had done their job, but now who responds to the family and friends to help be their glue? I believe there are no words that can describe the grief this family feels. Time does not heal; time only offers acceptance and an opportunity for prayer. Time, which allows God the opportunity to heal the pain. A prayer is a powerful way to help! I am convinced that my thoughts and prayers are being used along with hundreds of others to create a safety net of consolation as these folks walk this journey.

How do you think a situation like this would it effect you?. I would love to hear from you and grow together as we trudge this (sometimes-unbearable) road towards happy destiny.

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