As a citizen of the United States of America, I would like to share with you who our forefathers served. Here is a bit of preliminary info first.

Our first President was George Washington

He took his oath of office as the first president on April 30, 1789, in the Federal Building that is located in New York City.

The Federal Building was our first capital.  There is still a statue of George Washington on the corner of Wall Street to commemorate this event.  Upon being sworn in on a Bible (which is still on display today in the Federal Building), he took his twelve cabinet members and walked across the street. Those men went to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and spent the next two hours in prayer for our country and their leadership of it.  There was also a church service conducted at that time. The most interesting thing about that church is that it still stands today. This church today is considered “the little church that stood”.  It is the oldest surviving church in New York.  The reason that this is so amazing is due to the fact that because the east side of this church was adjacent to the twin towers property.  When the towers came down… the church was not touched.  There was not even a window broken. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks the George Washington sculpture and the church served as a touchstone for collective grieving and pubic expression, and became the central focus of an around the clock community vigil for the next 8 months.  There were church services, sleeping accommodations, counseling, and it became home for firefighters, police officers, and other public servants. There are some special folks to recognize today that in their own way and time supported our country.

I would also like to share just a little more information as a take away, the God Shot. Our one-dollar bill is full of little items that make up a pretty amazing God Shot. If you have access to one, look for these things:

  1. Of course, George Washington is on the front of the one-dollar bill.  He was our first president.
  2. On the back of that bill, you will see the words “In God we Trust”.
  3. The pyramid signifies strength and duration…
  4. The eye above the pyramid is “Providence” (God) watching over us.
  5. There are two Latin sayings:
    1. Annuit Coeptis  (Co-op-tus)  Providence has favored our undertakings
    2. Novus Ordo Seclorum (sick-chlor-um)  Beginning of a new era
  6. The eagle represents victory and courage and the shield represents strength
  7. The Roman Numerals =1776 which represents US independence

Our little one dollar bill is the least amount in our paper currency with a VERY BIG Message.  We also are little folk with a VERY BIG MESSAGE. Each time you look at the dollar bill may you remember!

For those of you who use a different currency; maybe you could take a look at yours and see where your God, the Universe, or Higher Power come into play.  Even though we are all different….we are all the same!  The purpose of this platform is to learn and grow….together!  Until I was given this message about the currency from my Higher Power, I really did not know this information.  I found it fascinating.  Maybe my experience will cause you to look and share with us what you find.

I encourage comments and discussion on all the God Shots. You may leave comments or reply to them using the form below.