Month: July 2018

What Happened to the Chemo Burn?

It was a cold day in February of 2015.  The dark, dreary, cold type of day that is not uncommon in the Eastern United states during February.  My 55 year old neighbor, who was also a prayer partner with me, was in the throes of cancer treatment.   She had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the later months of 2014 and had been undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Her physical well being, coupled with the time of year had basically left her home bound much of the time.

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Life Not What You Want? Check the Mirror.

I had no idea I was about to get the biggest, most humbling God Shot of my life. I felt like I’d been hit in the head with a 2×4! I’ve never forgotten this and my life is far from what it was that day. Now anytime sometime is really bothering me I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror as 99% of the time my problems are of my own making or at minimum I play a part in them. 

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Who Do You Serve? Something to Ponder

In the United States our little dollar bill is the least amount in our paper currency with a VERY BIG Message.  We also are little folk with a VERY BIG MESSAGE. Each time you look at the dollar bill may you remember!
For those of you who use a different currency; maybe you could take a look at yours and see where your God, the Universe, or Higher Power come into play. 

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The Visionary

It was September 1988 and it was one month prior to my 30th birthday.  I found myself on this particular day in a comprehensive medical doctor’s office with my 55 year old mother. The physician that we were visiting was certified as an endocrinologist, cardiologist, and psychologist in the city.  Many local physicians had been seen already with no real diagnosis; today was different because this was a specialist.  Hopefully, today and answer would be revealed.  People looked surprised when they found out that it was I, not my mother, who was the patient. The battery of normal questions ensued with nothing out of the ordinary including being a “social drinker”.

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