Month: June 2018

Mary Margaret’s Big Coincidence

As we sat down to our meal he was sharing with me all the thoughts and feelings that he was having that day over certain issues.  I could tell he was agitated and fearful all at the same time.  He was talking fast and almost not making sense sometimes and obviously just not in a good mental spot.  As the meal was drawing to a close he was still not anymore calm than when our conversation had started.  The snow was lightly falling and I thought that possibly he really should not drive just yet.  I was quickly in my head and just asked for help for this man.  What happened next is what I consider to be a “God Shot”.

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The Orange Butterfly

I said, “I know this is a crazy request because we’re on a beach, but I need an orange butterfly, because butterflies are Michelle’s favorite thing and orange is her favorite color.” I kept walking, and in a while I came upon a patch of glistening sand. Lying atop it was a little, open clamshell, one of those that when it remains connected to its other half it resembles the wings of a butterfly. I picked it up – it was orange.

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Seashells Message from God

I laid the shells on the beach and snapped a picture of them. Within the twinkling of an eye I felt that I was transported somewhere. I knew I was still physically on the beach. I knew who I was, and where I was, but it was like my spirit had gone somewhere. I just started to cry without reservation. I could not say thank you enough, I love you enough. I knew that God had just presented me with answers to everything.

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